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Moving into a New Home? Check Out Our New Homeowner Checklist

You’re moving! Right now you’re probably feeling a mix of excitement, nervousness, and exhaustion just thinking about all of the work you have ahead of you.


How to Better Secure Your Home During Spring

The birds are singing and the sun is shining! If you’ve had a sudden boost of energy for completing some home projects, you’re not alone.


Where You Should Place Motion Sensors

Motion sensors can trigger alarms and direct the home security feed to wherever the alarm was triggered. Take the time to plan out motion sensor placement for your home, based on these helpful tips.


Securing Your Home When Selling It

How should you secure your home for sale? Imagine finally finding your dream home and now it’s time to sell your current estate.


Why Burglars Hate Alarm Systems

Burglars and Alarm Systems Statistics show that sixty percent of burglars will not attempt to steal from a home that has a home security alarm in place. Here are some tips from ACS Security for the best ways to utilize your home security alarm system and to keep burglars away from your property.


Home During a Burglary or Break-In: What Should You Do?

Arming your home with a security system is one major step in the path to protecting your home and family. Intrusions can occur at any time, while you’re on vacation, or sleeping.