Remote Video Monitoring Systems

A proactive, innovative solution to video surveillance monitoring in Los Angeles.

Who’s Watching Your Cameras?

When it comes to protecting what matters most, there’s no room for uncertainty. Get safer, smarter surveillance and faster response times with Video Shield from ACS Security. We monitor your existing video cameras 24/7 from our company-owned, state of the art video operation center, watching for any suspicious activity in real-time. With this proactive approach to protecting your property and valuable assets, we can dispatch police and first responders before a break-in occurs or damage is done to your property.

Real-time Event Notifications

The first moment an alarm is triggered, our video experts have the ability to quickly communicate directly with first responders. And you’ll receive real-time notifications of events when they occur, no matter where you are.

Rapid Video Alarm Response

Video surveillance monitoring means a trained expert has direct access to your monitored camera feed in the event an alarm is triggered. Our security video experts then assess the situation in real-time for any suspicious activity.

Universal Integration with Any Cameras

Already have an existing video infrastructure with your system? No problem! Whether you’re using IP cameras, NVR or DVR systems, ACS Video Shield can work with existing equipment and networks to build the best protection.

Advanced Video Analysis

Our advanced video analysis uses AI to study footage and data, allowing us to respond to triggered events more rapidly. 24/7 active monitoring of cameras initiated by a trigger – motion, line crossing or analytics.

Reduce False Alarms

Unmonitored cameras can miss critical events, leaving your home or business vulnerable for long stretches of time. Benefit from the power of a national brand, and reduce your chances of false or unverified alarms.

Brand Compatability

No matter the video brand or manufacturer, ACS Security Video Shield has the mass brand compatibility to integrate with your system for safer, smarter video surveillance protection.

24/7 Remote Video Monitoring by ACS Security Professionals

Don’t rely on last night’s recorded footage by waiting until after the crime has taken place. With Video Shield, ACS Security stays in direct communication with the camera infrastructure on your property and receives immediate notifications of real-time events detected by your cameras, preventing crime before it ever happens.

Cutting-Edge Video Monitoring Technology

The ACS Security Video Shield command center is equipped with cutting-edge video monitoring surveillance technology to better protect our Los Angeles communities, no matter the threat.

With advanced training and a highly scalable and optimized software platform, our video monitoring professionals are equipped to respond to thousands of video alarm signals, all through a single pane of glass.