Mobile Video Monitoring

Easily protect your business or property with portable security camera stations from ACS Mobile Patrol.

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Mobile Video Surveillance Trailers

ACS Mobile Patrol provides a fast solution to securing and monitoring large property areas and new construction with portable security camera stations. These self-powered stations are built for ease of deployment and ruggedized for all-weather scenarios.

Get fast mobile deployment and prevent loss due to damage or theft on your property. Top mast and chassis running LED strobes with audio warning capability provide 24/7 unattended protection to deter crime before it ever happens.

24/7 Video Monitoring

Receive real-time notifications from our 24/7 video experts at the first sign of any suspicious activity or alarm events as soon as they occur.

Fully Solar-Powered

ACS Mobile Patrol is powered by a large solar panel array and a heavy-duty charging system with commercial batteries, meaning video protection is always online.

360 Degrees of Protection

Four HD low-light cameras provide a complete 360-degree view of the area surrounding the trailer, providing complete surveillance of your site.

24/7 Mobile Video Surveillance Systems by ACS Security

Don’t rely on passive video systems that only record and provide evidence after the damage has been done. With ACS Mobile Patrol, get notified of events as they occur and prevent crime before it happens.

Already have an existing video infrastructure with your system? No problem! Our team can actively monitor through ACS Video Shield and can work with existing equipment and networks to build the best protection possible

Mobile Patrol

When it comes to protecting your property and worksites, there’s no room for uncertainty. Get safer, smarter surveillance and top of the line unattended protection with ACS Mobile Patrol. Our trained security video experts monitor your cameras in real-time, providing immediate notification of any suspicious events in progress on your property.