Vacation Watch Patrol Service

Providing Enhanced Visible Security

Please note that if you are beyond your total annual contracted days, there is a per-day fee. If Vacation Watch is not part of your Patrol services and for additional special services, please give our team a call at 310-446-0527 option 3.

Alternate Phone Number to use during Vacation Watch Service period if applicable.

Vacation Watch Service Period:

Please Check Service Selections:(Required)
Site Address Monitored and/or Patrolled by ACS Security:(Required)

Please let us know:

  1. If anyone will be staying at the house, if there are pets on the property, or if anyone could have access to the property during this time. This includes gardeners, housekeeping, family members, contractors, guests, etc.
  2. If anyone has a special code word while they are there
  3. If there is a gate code, we should be aware of
  4. Where you would like us to move your mail if not to the back of your home

You will receive an email confirmation that your request was received. The service will be initiated within 24hrs Monday – Friday unless there is any additional information needed or it is found you are not a current ACS Customer. If so, a member of the team will call you to finalize the request. If you’ve submitted your request after 5pm on Friday or Saturday and need your vacation watch initiated before Monday morning, please give our 24/7 team a call at 310-475-9016 to expedite the submission.