Beautiful LA home protected by smart home automation system

Smart Home Security Systems in Los Angeles

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Stay in total control of your home.
Anytime, anywhere with a smart home system.

Forget to lock your door? Turn down the thermostat? Arm your security system? No problem. Give your security a boost with SmartHome automation security solutions, so you can enjoy convenience, comfort and total control of your home — wherever you are.

We make smart home automation and security simple, so you can:

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Take Control

Manage your security, lighting and temperature from anywhere — with one easy-to-use app.

24/7 access and custom alerts let you review and respond to potential threats and unusual activity before it’s too late.

Happy woman looking at phone in kitchen to see front door visitor

Stay Vigilant

You’ll never be out of the loop, thanks to smart technology and connected smart home security systems that can talk to each other — and to you — in real time.

Check-in whenever you want, to chat with your loved ones, double check your locks or even cancel a false alarm.

Young male looking at phone to use smart home tools for temperature control

Get Smart

Smart automation makes it easy to manage your home’s inside environment, while keeping it safe from outside threats.

You can even “set and forget” automated routines that control everything from air conditioning to alarms, for 100% peace of mind.

A world of control in the palm of your hand.

Every home is different. That’s why we specialize in customized home automation and security solutions so you can choose the specific services that fit your family, your lifestyle and your needs.

Choose from a wide range of SmartHome offerings:

Light bulb icon for controling lights & thermostat

Lights & Thermostat

Save money and time with smart controls that adjust your lights and thermostat on a schedule or even according to external factors like changing weather or motion sensors.

phone icon to control remote arm/disarm of your system

Remote Arm /Disarm

Ever get to work and wonder whether you forgot to arm your system? Check the status from anywhere, and arm/disarm your alarm with the touch of a button.

key icon for keyless entry control with smart home automation

Keyless Entry

Remote locking/unlocking is just the start. Control who can gain entry to your home and when with unique codes for family members and temporary access codes for guests.

door icon for control of doorbell cameras

Doorbell Cameras

Screen visitors securely, whether home or away, using doorbell cameras to see and communicate clearly with anyone on your doorstep without opening the door.

quote bubble icon for two-way voice camera

Two-Way Voice Cameras

Why text when you can easily connect with loved ones using two-way voice cameras? Chat with your kids, check up on pets and keep an eye on your home with a clear 180° view.

video camera icon for video surveillance services

Video Surveillance Services

Turn smart home surveillance into action with smart cameras that separate real threats from false alarms and ensure faster emergency response through verified video. Monitor your home 24/7, wherever you are!

checkmark icon for rules & triggers with smart home automation

Rules & Triggers

Create a secure home with simple rules and automated triggers. Like locking your front door when your system is armed or turning on the hallway light when the door is unlocked. There are endless possibilities!

graphic icon for video analytics information with smart home automation

Video Analytics

Eliminate uncertainty and stay safer using smart analytics. Set rules for your property and get alerted the second the system flags unusual activity.

map locator icon for geo-location services with smart home

Geo-Location Services

Set rules based on your location. For example: When you’re 5 miles or more from home, your system can automatically lock your doors and arm itself (just in case you forget).