Patrol Service

Our familiar, highly visible patrol cars, and the security officers who operate them, may already have been of service to you or your loved ones. Patrolling your streets 24-hours per day, ACS Security officers provide assistance and protection in many unique ways. They include:

  • Investigating suspicious vehicles or individuals in your neighborhood
  • Watching for fires in surrounding hillsides or homes
  • Conducting patrols to discourage intruders
  • Monitoring camera feeds that record local entry and exit
  • Reporting burned out street lights or signals
  • Providing traffic control at area accidents
  • Reuniting lost pets with owners
  • Reporting downed trees or debris after storms
  • Reporting leaky water mains
  • Prompt reporting of graffiti
  • Removing illegally placed signs
  • Maintaining relationships with local police and fire departments for familiarity with current local crime/event trends