What to Do if Your Package is Stolen

According to ChamberofCommerce.org, more than a quarter of consumers have experienced package theft. This startling statistic from a 2023 report reveals a troubling trend affecting many households​​. With the rise of online shopping, package theft has become a common concern, especially in residential areas. But what can you do if you fall victim to this growing issue? This guide will walk you through immediate actions and long-term strategies to combat package theft.

Understanding Package Theft

Package theft, often termed as ‘porch piracy,’ occurs when deliveries are stolen from the recipient’s property. This crime has surged with the increase in home deliveries, impacting 26% of consumers. Residential homes are particularly vulnerable, accounting for 49% of these incidents.

Immediate Steps to Take

If you suspect package theft, act swiftly:

  • Verify Delivery Details thoroughly: Check your tracking information to confirm the delivery status. Occasionally, packages are prematurely marked as delivered. Verify the delivery time and any notes from the courier about the drop-off location.
  • Inquire With Neighbors and nearby residents: Sometimes, packages are delivered to a neighboring address by mistake or a neighbor might have collected your package to keep it safe. Politely ask around to see if anyone has information about your package.
  • Contact the Delivery Service: Reach out to the courier or delivery service to report the missing package. Provide them with the tracking number and any relevant details. Couriers have specific procedures for dealing with such issues and might be able to offer immediate insights or solutions.
  • File a Police Report: While it may seem minor, filing a police report is important. It helps in keeping track of theft incidents in your area and can be crucial if the package contains valuable items. The report can also be useful for insurance claims.
  • Alert Your Retailer: Inform the retailer or the person who sent you the package. Many companies have policies in place for situations like this. They might offer to resend the item, provide a refund, or give you credit for future purchases.
  • Check Your Home Insurance Policy: If the stolen item was valuable, it might be covered under your home insurance policy. Review your policy and consider filing a claim if the value of the item justifies it.
  • Consider Installing a Security Camera or Package Lockbox: To prevent future thefts, think about installing ACS’s outdoor cameras to monitor your porch. You can also use a package lockbox, which provides a secure place for couriers to leave packages.
  • Sign Up for Delivery Alerts: Most courier services offer the option to sign up for delivery alerts. These notifications can inform you when a package is about to be delivered, which can help you plan to be home or arrange for someone else to receive it.
  • Use Alternative Delivery Locations: If packages are a recurring issue, consider using alternative delivery locations such as a workplace, a neighbor’s house or a local package collection point.
  • Stay Vigilant and Report Suspicious Activity: Keep an eye out for any unusual activity in your neighborhood. Reporting suspicious behavior to the police can help deter potential thieves.

Long-Term Prevention Strategies

Preventing package theft is key. Here’s where ACS’s innovative solutions come in:

  • Smart Locks for Secure Package Delivery:
    • Functionality: ACS’s smart locks provide a high-tech solution to package security. These locks can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app, allowing you to unlock and lock your doors or garage from anywhere.
    • Secure Delivery Inside Your Home or Garage: You can grant temporary access to delivery personnel to place packages inside your home or garage. This minimizes the theft risk, as the package isn’t left outside.
    • Custom Access Codes: Some smart lock systems allow you to create temporary, unique access codes for couriers. These codes can be time-restricted, ensuring security after the delivery is completed.
    • Activity Logs and Notifications: Smart locks typically record when and who unlocks the door. You receive notifications on your phone, informing you about the exact delivery time and the door’s subsequent relocking.
  • Doorbell Cameras for Monitoring Deliveries:
    • Real-Time Monitoring: ACS’Doorbell Cameras, increasingly popular in-home security systems, enable you to monitor your doorstep in real time. Whether you’re at home or away, you can view live footage of your front door area.
    • Communication with Couriers: Many doorbell cameras come equipped with two-way audio. This feature allows you to communicate directly with delivery personnel. You can instruct them to place the package in a less visible or more secure spot, adding an extra layer of security.
    • Motion Detection and Alerts: These cameras often have motion detection capabilities, alerting you when someone is at your door, which can be especially useful for keeping an eye on your packages.
    • Video Recording and Evidence:  In case of theft, the recorded footage from the doorbell camera can serve as evidence. It helps in identifying the thief and can be valuable in police investigations or insurance claims.
    • Deterrent Effect: The mere presence of a doorbell camera can act as a deterrent to potential package thieves. Knowing that they are being recorded can discourage theft attempts.

By integrating smart locks and doorbell cameras into your home security system, you can significantly enhance the safety and security of your package deliveries, reducing the risk of theft and giving you peace of mind.

Package theft is a frustrating experience, but there are effective steps to address and prevent it. By being vigilant, reporting incidents, and leveraging smart home security solutions like those from ACS, you can significantly reduce the risk of package theft. Stay one step ahead of porch pirates and protect your valuable deliveries.

And if you’re looking for more ways to keep yourself and your family safe, check out our home security and automation services at ACS Security. We offer a wide range of home security options to protect you and your family. If you’re ready to discuss our custom solutions, contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you prepare for what’s next.