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Planning your next trip? Here are some safety tips to prevent burglaries while you’re away.

With all of this time spent in self-isolation, travel planning will be at the top of many people’s list of things to do when stay-at-home orders are lifted. At this moment, it might be easy to forget about securing your home.


Where You Should Place Motion Sensors

Motion sensors can trigger alarms and direct the home security feed to wherever the alarm was triggered. Take the time to plan out motion sensor placement for your home, based on these helpful tips.


Securing Your Home When Selling It

How should you secure your home for sale? Imagine finally finding your dream home and now it’s time to sell your current estate.


Why Burglars Hate Alarm Systems

Burglars and Alarm Systems Statistics show that sixty percent of burglars will not attempt to steal from a home that has a home security alarm in place. Here are some tips from ACS Security for the best ways to utilize your home security alarm system and to keep burglars away from your property.


Tips To Keep Children Safe When They’re Home Alone

It’s hard for a parent to feel comfortable leaving their children home alone. But you can be rest assured knowing your home surveillance system and security cameras are there to keep them safe.


Fire Safety Tips

Make Sure to Implement These Fire Safety Tips When a fire starts within your home, you have less than two minutes to find a safe escape route. Smoke can fill a house within several minutes and in less than 30 seconds a small flame can turn into a large fire.