Where You Should Place Motion Sensors

Motion sensors can trigger alarms and direct the home security feed to wherever the alarm was triggered. Take the time to plan out motion sensor placement for your home, based on these helpful tips.

The Most Effective Placements for your motion sensors:

  1. Corner Spaces
    Put a motion sensor in the corner of each room, aimed toward the doorway. That way no one can get in without setting off the alarm.
  2. Near Valuables
    Place motion sensors directly at your most valuable items. No one will be able to get close to them without you knowing.
  3. Outside Patios
    If you have a patio outside your home, it is a great idea to place a motion sensor there. If someone is close to the back door, you’ll immediately know about it.
  4. Second Floor Bedrooms
    Even if you feel as though a burglar couldn’t enter the house through the second floor, it is a good idea to keep a motion sensor near the bedrooms in your home. This way you’ll be alerted if anyone approaches while you’re asleep.
  5. Basements
    Having several sensors down in that area is a great idea. If you have lots of clutter, make sure they’re placed in an area where they won’t be blocked. Consider installing one near the staircase leading upstairs.
  6. Ceilings
    When an intruder enters the home, they may already be looking for motion detectors. A great place they wouldn’t immediately look is the ceiling. Sensors work on any angle, so this is a great way to keep a thief from easily avoiding detectors.
  7. Within Decorations
    A great way to hide motion sensors is by making them part of your household decor. Hide them amongst photos and knickknacks so they aren’t easily spotted by intruders.

The Least Effective Placements:

  1. Near Windows
    This is a bad location for two reasons. The first is that heat-activated motion sensors can be confused by direct sunlight. The second is that the sensor works best when a burglar walks parallel to them rather than straight ahead.
  2. Near Heat Sources
    A heat source could potentially create a false alarm, so it is a good idea to keep motion sensors away from hot air vents and radiators. Any change in infrared heat could trigger the alarm.

Ensure that your security system is working to its full potential by strategically installing the motion sensors that are included with it.