Vacation-Proof Your Home: Expert Tips for Theft Prevention

As the sun shines brighter and the temperatures rise, it’s important to be aware that the summer months bring not only vacations and relaxation but also an unfortunate increase in home burglaries and theft. Theft prevention should be a top priority when planning your vacation, as an unsecured home can be an easy target for burglars. In this comprehensive guide, we will share expert tips to help you vacation-proof your home and keep your property safe from theft. By following these simple steps, you can enjoy your time away without worrying about the security of your home.

Make Your Home Appear Occupied

One of the most effective ways to deter burglars is to make your home appear occupied while you’re on vacation. Here are some simple ways to achieve this:

Use Timers and Home Automation Systems

Install timers for your lights, entertainment systems and appliances to give the illusion that someone is at home. ACS offers home automation options that can help you control your lights and appliances remotely, allowing you to create a lived-in appearance even when you’re miles away.

Arrange for Mail and Newspaper Collection

An overflowing mailbox or a pile of newspapers at your doorstep can be a clear sign that you’re away. Ask a friend or neighbor to collect your mail and newspapers or have your mail held at the post office until you return.

Maintain Your Yard

A neglected yard can be a giveaway that you’re not at home. Arrange for someone to mow your lawn, water your plants and trim your hedges while you’re away. This will not only maintain a lived-in appearance but also eliminate potential hiding spots for burglars.

Secure Your Doors and Windows

Ensuring all entry points to your home are secure is crucial for theft prevention. Here are some tips to reinforce your doors and windows:

Install Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks provide an added layer of security for your exterior doors, including those leading to your garage. Make sure all your exterior doors are equipped with deadbolt locks to deter burglars.

Lock All Windows

Don’t forget to lock all your windows, including those on the upper floors, before you leave for vacation. Burglars often target homes with unlocked windows, as they provide an easy entry point.

Do Not Hide Spare Keys Outside

Hiding a spare key outside your home can be an open invitation for burglars. Instead, consider leaving a spare key with a trusted neighbor or installing a keyless entry system.

Install a Home Security System

A home security system is a valuable investment for theft prevention and peace of mind while you’re on vacation. ACS offers security packages that can help protect your home from break-ins. Some features to look for in a security system include:

Security Cameras

Installing security cameras at your home’s entrances can help deter burglars and allow you to monitor your property remotely using our mobile app.

Alarm Monitoring

ACS’s locally based Monitoring Center can provide round-the-clock protection for your home, alerting you and the authorities in case of a break-in.

Home Automation

Home automation options, such as the ones offered by ACS, can help you control your lights, appliances, and security system remotely, making it easier to create a lived-in appearance while you’re away.

Protect Your Home from Package Theft

Package theft is a growing concern, especially during vacation season when online shopping deliveries may be left unattended at your doorstep. Here are some tips to prevent package theft while you’re away:

Schedule Deliveries for When You’re Home

If possible, schedule your online shopping deliveries for when you’ll be at home. Alternatively, ask a neighbor or friend to collect your packages for you.

Use Package Lockers or Delivery Services

Consider using package lockers or delivery services that hold your packages until you’re ready to pick them up. This can help prevent packages from being left unattended at your doorstep.

Install a Video Doorbell

A video doorbell can help deter package thieves by allowing you to monitor your front door remotely. Some video doorbells also allow you to communicate with delivery personnel in real-time, giving you the option to provide delivery instructions even when you’re away.

Illuminate Your Home with Well-Placed Lighting

Well-placed lighting can not only make your home appear occupied but also make it more difficult for burglars to approach your property unnoticed. Here are some lighting tips for theft prevention:

Install Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights can help deter burglars by illuminating any movement near your home. Install these lights around your property, focusing on entry points and areas with dense foliage.

Use Timers for Indoor Lights

As mentioned earlier, using timers for your indoor lights can create a lived-in appearance when you’re away. Set your timers to turn your lights on and off at different times, simulating normal household activity.

Ensure Your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors are Working

Before you leave for vacation, it’s essential to check that your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning correctly. ACS offers monitored detectors that can alert emergency personnel even when you’re not home or unable to call for help.

Test Your Security System Regularly

It’s essential to test your security system regularly to ensure it’s working correctly, especially before you go on vacation. Also, remember to update your emergency contact list and inform your monitored security provider of any changes.

By following these expert tips, you can vacation-proof your home and enjoy your time away without worrying about theft. Remember that your security system is on your side and can provide invaluable assistance in keeping your home safe. With the right precautions in place, you can have a relaxing and memorable vacation with your family.

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