How To Set Your Clocks And Home Security System For Daylight Savings

Mother teaching daughter about daylight savings.

Mother teaching daughter about daylight savings.

The arrival of the Fall season often ushers in big changes for the year. From new weather, a new school year for students as well as big holiday preparations and travel. But you may also want to consider minor maintenance on your security system as Autumn rolls in. Since you’re getting ready to change your clocks with Daylight Savings Time,  it’s also a great time to check in and update your home security system to make sure everything is up-to-date. Taking the time to conduct this test not only helps make sure your home security system is working the way it should be, but it’ll keep you and your family safe in the year ahead.

How to Test Your Home Security System:

  • Call your home security monitoring service and request to put your system in ‘Test’ mode. This is an important step so when you send in a signal from your security system, they do not contact the emergency services.
  • Arm the security system in ‘Stay’ mode. This way you can freely move around the home while testing.
  • Once the system is fully armed, open a door or window that is connected to the security system. Once the siren has sounded, wait for 45 seconds, then promptly disarm the system.
  • Call your home security monitoring service back to confirm they received the signal from your security system. Then, confirm you are ready to take your system off ‘Test’ mode.

How to Test All Sensors and Motion Detectors:

  • First, verify that your system is in “Ready” mode and not armed. Disarm the system to avoid the deployment of emergency services.
  • Open each door and window where sensors are installed, doing so one at a time.
  • Check your panel. It should display the door or window that you are testing.
  • Close the door or window. Your panel should change back to “Ready” mode.
  • Repeat this process for each of your motion detectors.

Moving forward, it’s good practice to test your home security system multiple times per year. Daylight Savings Time takes place in both the Spring and Fall. And it’s the perfect reminder to also conduct security tests. Regularly monitoring your home security system can ensure it’s working the way it should all year round.

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