How to Better Secure Your Home During Spring

Preparing a home for spring security

Preparing a home for spring security

The birds are singing and the sun is shining – Spring is definitely in the air! If you’ve had a sudden boost of energy for completing some home projects, you’re not alone. Spring has always been a popular time for organizing, deep cleaning, and tackling work on the home front after a long winter inside. But what about Spring security? Take advantage of this season of renewal – it’s a great time to make your home a more secure, safe place for you and your family. With that, here are 5 spring security tips to check off your list this year!

1. Check Your Locks

The cold snow and rain from winter can affect your door and window locks. Locks can get stiff, and general wear and tear can affect how your keys work. Spring is a great time to double check and make sure they’re all in working order. Make the rounds in every bedroom and doorway to check for stiffness or rusted locks. Lubricate or replace the locks as needed to keep your home safe.

And if you’re looking to make any replacements – why not consider a smart home upgrade? Smart keypad door locks are a great addition to any home. With Smart Locks, easy keyless entry is just the beginning. Remote lock and unlock features make it easy to let visitors in when you’re not home, or lock up when you’ve already left the house.

Other smart lock features include:

  • Control your locks from anywhere through a single app
  • Assign unique and temporary codes for guests and workers
  • Secure your home with seamless security system integration

2. Trim Bushes, Trees, and other Obstructions

You might not think it, but general yard maintenance is a huge aspect to Spring security. Any overgrown bushes or shrubbery can put your home more at risk of burglary. They’re a great hideout spot for someone who is lurking around the house. Cutting back your bushes is an easy way to deter crime, and increase the safety of your home. It will also help increase general visibility from your home’s windows.

But that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy the season. Just be sure you cut back your hedges and bushes before they’re in full-bloom so you still get to enjoy the beautiful flowers around your home. 

3. Install Outdoor Lights

Another way to increase visibility on your home’s exterior is to install new outdoor lights. Outdoor lights are an excellent way to deter would-be burglars and are a simple measure you can take to step up the security around your home. Take advantage of the warmer weather by installing motion sensor lights in your doorway, in front of the garage, and in the backyard. Think about any general entry points and consider installing a light. 

With Smart Lights, you can control them remotely from an easy-to-use app, and even set timers and schedules for when you’re not at home. Plus, you’ll save more on your monthly energy bills!

4. Fix Damaged Fencing and other Perimeter Security

Winter can really do a lot of damage that you won’t see until Spring. Especially if you have any minor perimeter security measures like brick walls or fencing. Extreme weather could damage your fencing by knocking down panels, eroding brick, making wood more brittle, or causing rust to form. Even if your perimeter installations are cosmetic, it’s worth checking for damage to ensure your home is not exposed to more risk. Check your entire perimeter and look for any weak spots. Take advantage of any good weather to get outside and make those minor fixes. Plus, you’ll notice any potential vulnerable areas that could use extra lighting.

5. Install a Home Security System

Even after you’ve checked all of these security measures off the list this spring, you may be looking for more ways to protect your family and upgrade your home. If you don’t already have one, an integrated smart home and home security system is the ultimate way to get the added peace of mind you’re seeking. No matter the other measures you take, nothing protects you more than an actual home security system. It’s all in the name! Combining your services allows you to have 24/7 monitoring that can be completely customized to your needs and managed through your smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

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