Home During a Burglary or Break-In: What Should You Do?



Arming your home with a security system is one major step in the path to protecting your home and family. Intrusions can occur at any time, while you’re on vacation, or sleeping. Typical residential burglaries occur when the homeowners are not present, but in the event of an owner-occupied break-in, its best to be prepared with these steps:

Preventing a home break-in while you are home:

  • Be vocal – when someone knocks on the door, yell to another family member (or phantom family member if alone) that you’ll get the door to give an idea of strength in numbers
  • Get information – Request identification and permits for any solicitors or unknown visitors. Report any suspicious activity to your local police immediately.
  • Prep your alarm system – Keep your home security signs and decals visible, but ensure that your home security alarm is not visible from a window or door, so its status is kept hidden from view in case it’s not armed. Determine who is responsible for the status of the alarm system.
  • Secure entryways – Check window and door locks each day, consistently.

Preparing for a possible break-in while you are home:

  • Create a plan – Make sure everyone in your family or in your home is on the same page in the event of a break-in. Establish a meeting place nearby, such as a neighbor’s home, if family members are able to safely exit the home to reconvene. Determine a plan of action if escape is not a possibility. The plan must be formed to best serve your home and family’s needs and remain top of mind.
  • Keep these two tools handy – Take your car keys with you to your bedrooms at night, as well as your charged mobile phone. Your car can serve as an audible alert using the “panic button’ if needed, and you can contact emergency support without risking a dead phone line

During the break-in, while you are home:

  • Remain quiet – In most cases, home intrusions are motivated by a quick snag and go burglary motive. It’s safer to stay out of the way, rather than potentially endangering yourself or family members.
  • Call 911 – If possible, call emergency response authorities quietly, from a secure location. With ACS Security’s 24/7 monitoring we will dispatch local ACS Patrol for you, within minutes of a home security breach (if subscribed to patrol services).
  • Escape if possible – Can you exit through another door or window? Ideally, cautiously removing yourself from the situation will keep you safest until authorities arrive.

Keeping you and your home safe is our number one priority with our home security systems. In the event of a break-in, remember these important tips to minimize risks.