Home Security Moving & Alarm Transfer Services for Los Angeles Homeowners

Whether Moving Across Town or Cross-Country, We Have You Covered with Our Transfer Services.

Moving can be overwhelming. Keeping your family protected does not have to be. Our no-hassle transfer services make it easy to move peace of mind with you — wherever you go. Plus, we will take $100 off your alarm bill when you transfer your existing alarm system service with ACS Security and you will receive a $100 gift card if you refer the new owner of your old home and they sign up.

With our Smart Move program, you’ll receive $100 when you transfer your services, PLUS a $100 gift card if the new owner of your home activates services with us.*

New Home, Same Trusted Security System.

There is comfort in familiarity. And when it comes to home security, comfort is priceless. You have chosen us to protect the ones you love the most. We can’t wait to continue doing so in your new home. We will make transferring your alarm system service an easy check off your to-do list so that you can move on to scheduling movers, packing boxes, and (officially) changing your address.

Transfer Your Service with ACS Security and You’ll Continue to Enjoy:

Armed Patrol

Armed Patrol Service is highly visible and extremely effective in deterring crime and providing faster response times.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Every security system, carbon monoxide detector, and fire alarm is monitored by a team of experts — twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Smart Home Automation

Get real-time updates and use your phone to take total control of your home’s security system, lights, and thermostats with smart home automation—no matter where you are.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Protection

More effective than traditional detectors, professionally monitored alarms instantly alert first responders for quicker dispatch, even when you are not there.

Energy Management

Reduce your energy costs by creating automated schedules for your thermostat, lights, and other connected devices.

Local Know-How

Benefit from the power of a national brand, with the connection of local service. We work with technicians who are intimate with the unique needs of your neighborhood.

Insurance Savings

Don’t forget to ask your new insurance agent about saving up to 15% on your monthly bill when you install a monitored security system.

No Alarm System in Your New House? No Problem.

We’ll set up your new home with an ACS Security home security system customized to your needs.

Already Have an Existing Alarm System?

In most cases, we can make use of existing equipment and activate your security system with our monitoring services.**

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Questions About Your Upcoming Move?

Check out our answers below, or call 888-990-1948 to consult a SmartMove specialist today.

How many days in advance should I notify you that I am moving?

You should call us as soon as you have decided to move so that we can begin planning and discussing your security options in your new home. Call us for a consultation at least 30 days in advance so we can make sure you are protected from the day you move in.

What if there is already an alarm system in the house I am moving into?

In most cases, we can use the existing alarm system and activate it with our services. If we can’t, we can usually replace the current system with minimal cost.

Can I take my existing alarm system with me if I move?

Give us a call to discuss your options. Sometimes it is just as cost-effective to install equipment in your new home as it is to move your system with you.

Are there any moving fees in my contract?

When it comes to other home security companies, some policies may require that you have had an active contract for a certain amount of time before moving. Be aware that the fees they will charge you for moving may be on a sliding scale depending on how long you have been a customer. Our Smart Move program ensures that you can take your existing security plan with you at your new home. If you continue to secure your new home with us, you can actually receive $100 credit.

Can I transfer my security service to the new homeowner moving into my current residence?

We are glad you asked! In fact, if you transfer alarm services to the new homeowner, we’ll give you $100 credit on your next bill.

What if I move out of state?

We service over 30 states, so chances are we can move with you. If you provide us with your new address, we’ll help you figure out if there is service in your area.

*Agreement required, account credit applied within 30 days of installation.
**Where compatible