Glass Break Detectors: Prevent Home Invasions and Second Story Intrusions

Learn more about how glass break sensors can protect your home.

Learn more about how glass break sensors can protect your home.

Recent reported burglaries in the greater Los Angeles area include instances where intruders have gained access by breaking glass on first and even second floors of a residency. From there they’ve entered homes without ever opening a door or window. While motion detectors are vital to your home security system’s function, they are typically not armed when you are home. Another important deterrent to this type of break-in is installing glass break detectors, which are active when the system is armed.

How Do Glass Break Detectors Work?  

As you might imagine, glass break sensors work by detecting the sound of breaking glass. This then triggers the security alarm. Glass break detectors are an easy addition to your comprehensive security system from ACS. Plus, they’re extremely effective. One glass break detector can cover a radius of up to 25 feet of multiple windows or glass doors in a residency.  

Arming your system, checking your smart locks, strategically placing any motion sensors, and ensuring any video surveillance is working correctly are all vital pieces of your security puzzle. Think of glass break detectors as another important layer to further strengthen the effectiveness of your home security system and prevent second floor break-ins! 

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