Community Patrol Officer Aids in Arrest in The Oaks


Our community Patrol Officer, Andrew Martinez, was instrumental in the prevention of a burglary by a man who had been roaming The Oaks community of Los Feliz for several weeks. Officer Martinez spotted the individual trying to break into a property in the middle of the night and immediately notified dispatch and LAPD. Zoe B., the homeowner and ACS client, said in her own words, “This individual had been canvassing our street all week long. Community patrol kept escorting him out of the area, and he kept returning. One night, I received a call at 4 am, and it was ACS Dispatch. They very calmly told me that everything was fine and not to panic. ACS Patrol Officers had observed a trespasser outside of my home and notified the LAPD, who were on their way. Dispatch stayed on the phone with me the entire time while ACS officers maintained contact with the individual until LAPD arrived. When they confirmed that it was safe, I went outside to identify the suspect. If it weren’t for ACS, I never would have known that this man was outside my house in the middle of the night.”


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