Capture Santa on Your Smart Home Security Camera This Christmas

In recent years, a thrilling holiday surprise has greeted some children on Christmas morning: an authentic snapshot of Santa Claus, captured by their smart home security camera. This year, you can create that magical moment for your kids with ACS.

Envision the scene: it’s Christmas Day. You’re enjoying your first coffee, still waking up. Around the tree, your family gathers, brimming with excitement. As your kids eagerly reach for their gifts, their eyes sparkle with anticipation.

“Hold on a second, kids,” you say, a playful spark in your eye, glancing towards one of your home’s ACS cameras. “It looks like we had a special visitor last night while you were asleep.”

Exciting, isn’t it?

Setting Up ACS’s Santa Security

To capture Santa this season, you’ll need the latest ACS app and a compatible ACS home security camera.

  1. Open your ACS app and choose a live video feed. Select a compatible ACS security camera for this special task.
  2. Click on the Santa icon within your video feed. This lets you capture a still image from your security camera.
  3. Select a Santa image to add to your snapshot. You’ll find vibrant Santa images for daytime and monochrome options for night. Feel free to resize and reposition Santa as you see fit.
  4. Get ready to amaze your family! On Christmas morning, when your children wake you, show them the special Santa snapshot.
  5. Spread the joy! You can share your Santa snapshots with friends and family via email, text, and social media. Remember to use the hashtag #SantaSecurity.

Keep an eye on our ACS Twitter and Instagram feeds for this year’s best Santa snapshots.

No Santa Security? Set Up a Santa Alert Instead

If you don’t have Santa Security, no worries! You can still create a Santa Alert with your ACS smart home security system. All you need is the ACS app, your web dashboard, and a contact sensor.

Santa Security is available until December 31.

For more information, visit: Santa Alert Info.

Click here for a step-by-step guide.