ACS Mythbusters: Fact & Fiction regarding Home Security

home security myth

According to the FBI, a home burglary occurs every 13 seconds in the United States. With such alarming statistics, it’s no wonder that home security is a hot topic. However, amidst the information overload, it’s essential to separate fact from fiction when it comes to protecting your home and loved ones. In this post, we will debunk some commonly believed myths about home security and home automation, providing insights and shedding light on the truth.

Myth #1: “Burglaries only happen at night.”

Fact: Contrary to popular belief, burglaries can happen at any time of the day. In fact, most burglaries occur between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. when homeowners are typically away at work or school. Criminals often prefer to strike during these hours when they are less likely to encounter anyone at home. That’s why it’s crucial to have a robust home security system in place that operates around the clock, offering protection even when you’re not there.

To ensure your home is always protected, consider installing the ACS Smart Home Security System. This comprehensive system provides 24/7 monitoring, video surveillance and instant notifications, allowing you to keep an eye on your property no matter the time of day.

Myth #2: “Leaving lights on deters burglars.”

Fact: Many people believe leaving lights on while they’re away can deter burglars. However, this tactic is not as effective as one might think. Leaving lights on constantly can actually signal to potential burglars that no one is home. Instead, consider using smart lighting solutions that allow you to control your lights remotely. With the ACS Smart Lighting system, you can create automated lighting schedules that mimic your usual routines, making it seem like someone is home even when you’re away.

Myth #3: “A security system is only useful after a break-in.”

Fact: A common misconception is that a security system is only valuable once a break-in occurs. However, the primary purpose of a home security system is to prevent burglaries from happening in the first place. Studies have shown that homes without security systems are more likely to be targeted by burglars. The presence of visible security cameras and yard signs alone can act as a powerful deterrent, making criminals think twice before attempting a break-in.

To enhance your home security, consider installing the ACS Video Doorbell. This smart device not only allows you to see and speak to visitors at your doorstep from anywhere but also acts as a deterrent, making potential intruders think twice before approaching your home.

Myth #4: “Home automation is a luxury, not a necessity.”

Fact: Home automation is often seen as a luxury, but it can significantly enhance your home security. With smart home technology, you can remotely control various aspects of your home, such as locks, lights, thermostats and even appliances. This capability allows you to create the illusion of an occupied home, even when you’re on vacation. Additionally, home automation systems can integrate with your security system, providing seamless monitoring and control.

If you’re looking to incorporate home automation into your security setup, ACS offers a wide range of smart devices, including smart locks, smart thermostats, and smart outlets. These devices can be easily controlled through the ACS mobile app (available both in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store), giving you complete control over your home’s security and energy management.

Myth #5: “Pets can trigger false alarms.”

Fact: Many pet owners worry that their furry companions will set off false alarms in a home security system. While this may have been a concern in the past, modern security systems are equipped with pet-immune motion sensors that can distinguish between the movement of a pet and that of an intruder. These sensors are designed to ignore the movement of animals weighing up to a certain limit, ensuring that your pets can roam freely without triggering false alarms.

For pet-friendly home security, consider the ACS motion sensor. This advanced sensor is specifically designed to avoid false alarms caused by pets, providing accurate and reliable security for your home.

Myth #6: “Wireless security systems are easily hacked.”

Fact: Some people believe that wireless security systems are more vulnerable to hacking compared to their wired counterparts. However, with advancements in technology, wireless systems have become increasingly secure. Modern wireless security systems use encrypted signals to transmit data, making it extremely difficult for hackers to intercept and gain unauthorized access. Additionally, reputable security companies, like ACS, employ stringent security measures to protect their systems and ensure your data remains safe.

To experience the convenience and security of a wireless home security system, explore the range of ACS’s offerings.

Myth #7: “Home security systems are too expensive.”

Fact: Many people believe that home security systems are costly and out of reach for the average homeowner. However, the reality is that home security has become more accessible and affordable than ever before. With advancements in technology, home security systems are now available at various price points, allowing homeowners to choose a solution that fits their budget. Moreover, the cost of a security system is a small price to pay compared to the potential losses and emotional distress caused by a burglary.

ACS offers a range of affordable home security packages tailored to meet different needs and budgets. From basic systems to comprehensive solutions, there’s an option for every homeowner looking to enhance their home security.

It’s essential to separate fact from fiction when it comes to home security. By debunking these commonly believed myths, we hope to empower homeowners with accurate information and insights. Remember, investing in a reliable home security system, like ACS Security, can provide peace of mind, deter potential burglars, and protect your home and loved ones.

And if you’re looking for more ways to keep yourself and your family safe, check out our home security and automation services at ACS Security. We offer a wide range of home security options to protect you and your family. If you’re ready to discuss our custom solutions, contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you prepare for what’s next.