Together We’re Safer: ACS Security’s 2020 at a Glance

Together we're safer graphic

Together we're safer graphic

From our family to yours, we hope you had a safe, secure, and happy start to 2021!

We know the past year has brought up so many unexpected challenges, but we are proud to deliver the security, automation, and peace of mind you can count on year after year. So, no matter what is ahead in 2021, know that we are with you every step of the way.

We wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the good news and developments brought by the ACS Security Family in 2020.

Improving Our Customers’ Experience

At ACS Security, your safety and satisfaction are top priority. We took time this year to focus much of our attention around upgrading and improving the overall user experience for our customers.

Account Management Portal Redesign (Phase 1)

A security system from ACS gives you the comfort and peace of mind that comes with knowing your home and family are protected. We think managing that system should come with the same ease and convenience.

Since updating and redesigning our online customer Account Management Portal, it’s easier than ever to:

  • Request On-site Service or Repairs
  • View Invoices & Past Payments
  • Pay Bills Online
  • Upgrade Your Service
  • Update Your Account Information
  • Transfer Your Service to a New Address
  • Troubleshoot Any Account Issues

We aren’t finished yet and plan on continuing to update functionality and integration through 2021. You can register here if you don’t have an online account yet!

Building Our Digital Experience

We also took the time to completely redesign our website while also expanding our online presence with our Facebook page. Additionally, we launched a monthly newsletter aimed at providing another means to communicate key information about our services as well as important, timely security updates that affect our communities.

Our COVID-19 Response

Like so many other companies and individuals throughout the year, ACS Security faced the challenge of transitioning our teams to work from home in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re proud to say that since March, we successfully transitioned our teams with zero interruptions to our customers and service areas. Monitoring Alarm and Emergency Support Services continue to be supported 24/7 and Customer Support is available 7 days a week during our regular business hours.

Additionally, as an essential services provider, we remain committed to keeping families, homes, and businesses secure while continuing to navigate pandemic life. That goes for the safe onsite support provided by our field technicians and Patrol Officers, who are all properly outfitted with protective equipment and proper social distance training to keep any contact at an absolute minimum, while patrol vehicles are sanitized multiple times per shift.

The health and safety of our customers, team members, and business partners are our top priority, which is why we have taken every public health precaution necessary as a company throughout the year. 

Extending Our Hometown Heroes Offers

Year after year, we show our gratitude and appreciation to Hometown Heroes with an exclusive $150 discount on security services. It’s a very small way to say thank you to heroes in the military, veterans, first responders and dispatchers, and educators who we rely on every single day.

We’re excited in the ways we continue to support heroes in our communities, as we’ve extended our Hometown Heroes offers to hospital workers this year. Throughout 2020, we’ve helped protect over 350 frontline workers/responders and their families, and we can’t wait to keep that rolling in 2021.

Know a hero in your community? Send them our way!

New Year, Same Protection

There’s a lot for our customers to look forward to in the year ahead. We’ll continue to support our portal and website, with ongoing improvements and updates planned to make it even more user-friendly and easier than ever to make account updates.

Additionally, be on the lookout for enhanced security protection for app users – with two-factor authentication set to integrate this year. Finally, we’re also excited for the release of a video analytics-capable doorbell camera with 24/7 recording and object detection!

Let’s toast to fewer surprises in 2021. And for any of life’s unavoidable security surprises, you can trust that ACS Security has your back. We’re thankful for your continued trust in us to protect your families, homes, and businesses all year long. Cheers to a safe, secure and Happy 2021!