Remote Video
Monitoring Systems

Get a proactive approach to Los Angeles
video surveillance with ACS Video Shield

Cutting-Edge Video Monitoring Technology

The ACS Security Video Shield command center is equipped with cutting-edge video monitoring surveillance technology to better protect our Los Angeles communities, no matter the threat.

With advanced video analysis that uses artificial intelligence to study footage and data, ACS Video Shield allows us to respond to triggered events more rapidly. With this proactive approach to protecting your property and valuable assets, we can dispatch police and first responders before a break-in occurs or damage is done to your property.

Real-time Event Notifications

Receive real-time notifications from our video experts at the first sign of any suspicious activity or alarm events as soon as they occur.

Rapid Video Alarm Response

Our security video experts monitor your camera feeds and actively assess the situation, preventing crimes before they can even happen.

Universal Network Integration

Already have an existing video infrastructure with your system? No problem! ACS Video Shield can work with most existing equipment and networks to build the best protection possible.

Advanced Video Analysis

Our advanced video analysis studies footage and data 24/7 in real-time, meaning faster response times at the first sign of a triggered alarm.

Reduce False Alarms

Unmonitored cameras can miss critical events, leaving your home or business vulnerable for long stretches of time. Video Shield greatly reduces your chances of false or unverified alarms.

Brand Compatibility

ACS Security Video Shield has the ability to integrate with most major camera manufacturers and brands for safer, smarter video surveillance protection.

24/7 Remote Video Monitoring by ACS Security Professionals

Don’t rely on last night’s recorded footage alone by waiting until after the crime has taken place. With Video Shield, ACS Security watches for suspicious activity in real-time and can dispatch police before a crime ever takes place.

Who’s Watching Your Cameras?

When it comes to protecting what matters most, there’s no room for uncertainty. Get safer, smarter surveillance and faster response times with Video Shield from ACS Security. Our trained security video experts monitor your cameras in real-time, providing immediate notification of any suspicious events in progress on your property.